Built-On-Site Sheds

Increase Your Outdoor Storage in the Westby, & La Crosse, WI Areas

Increase Your Outdoor Storage in the Westby, & La Crosse, WI Areas

Count on us to build your custom shed on-site

Maybe you want to fit a shed into a tight space between your home and fence. Maybe trees are preventing you from transporting a portable shed into your yard. Luckily, the shed builders at Westby Builders have a solution for you. Our team in Westby, WI builds custom sheds on-site. Rest assured that we can set up a shed in any space.

To make sure our shed design meets your standards, we'll create a digital 3D rendering. Once your shed is up, you'll have the option to paint or stain it to complement your building's exterior.

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Have questions about our services?

Want to learn a little more about our Old Hickory Buildings? Check out these commonly asked questions about our services:

What equipment do we use? Our crew uses drills and nail guns to secure your shed. Then we'll install a metal roof or your choice of shingles.
How long does construction take? Weather permitting, it takes between four and six weeks to build a custom shed.
Do we offer any additional services? Yes. For an additional cost, we'll insulate your floors.

To learn more, contact one of our professional shed builders today. You can reach us at 608-606-4155.